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The ENTRETIENS D’AVENE are organized every year since 2002. EAU THERMALE AVENE, brand of the French pharmaceutical group “Pierre Fabre”, invites a limited number of dermatologists from several countries to participate at an exclusive meeting with world-renowned experts.

Traditionally set in the small village of Avène-les-Bains in southern France, the ENTRETIENS D’AVENE went abroad as the Avene products came to the attention of dermatologists world-wide.

This year’s theme, Cutaneous Microbiome, is an extremely dynamic field of dermatological research, with impact in many areas of daily practice. We invited Professor Brigitte Dréno (Nantes, France) together with Professor Gil Yosipovitch (Miami, US) to chair our meeting, and a panel of speakers to cover a few topics of an otherwise huge domain.

The ENTRETIENS (French for “discussions, conversations”) give to every participant the possibility to contribute. We expect the meeting to bring new and stimulating ideas to all our attendees.

EAU THERMALE AVENE is a brand of dermo-cosmetics (cosmeceuticals) formulated with thermal water with dermatological properties coming from a source situated in southern France. The properties of this water are known since 1736. The acquisition of the source by the Pierre Fabre group lead to the opening of a modern Thermal Center in 1990 and the birth of the EAU THERMALE AVENE brand.